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Research and Development – SmartFuture

Research and Development

SmartFuture invests a significant part of its resources in R&D.

Existing Energy Monitoring Systems for building and industry require high cost devices for measurement and need to be installed, commissioned and maintained by a certified electrician. Except for new dwellings, they don’t comply with the requirements (cost, panel size, ease of use) of  in-home and SOHO applications.

SmartFuture is involved in a research program dedicated to the definition of sensor technologies leveraging end-user self-install without opening the panel board. We believe that these new technologies are a key success factor of SOHO and in-home automation development.

Current R&D projects:

  • Non-intrusive Energy Measurement Sensors
  • Software development for Smart Grid applications
  • Optimisation algorithms for energy consumption estimations, based on multisensor data fusion

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Fore more information, please contact SmartFuture
or go to http://stick-n-sense.com/