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Strategy consultancy – SmartFuture

Strategy consultancy

Innovation strategy consultancy

The increase in market share of your business, and sometimes its survival depend increasingly on your ability to innovate and develop new products. Whether through incremental innovation or technological breakthrough, SmartFuture can help you build your innovation plan for the coming years.

There’s no point in running…

The risk of not choosing the best “Innovative Model” for your business has never been so high. Conversely, waiting or just doing nothing, increases the risk to lose market share for the years to come. SmartFuture helps you validate your company technical and marketing positioning of any projects to create a new product..

All is in the roadmap.

Our goal: building a development plan with the management team (costs, deadlines, risks, opportunities …) that favors, for example, as much as possible the original assembly of existing technology in your organization in order to reduce the time to market.



Did you say confidentiality ?

Innovation strategy of a company is a crucial asset to protect. SmartFuture works in strict confidentiality of information exchanged. Prior to the start of the mission, an NDA will be signed between the parties.

What about exclusivity ?

In some cases, for example long duration strategic missions, we can commit to refuse to work with a competitor for the duration of our contract. What sometimes goes without saying is always better to say…