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Standard representation – SmartFuture

Standard representation

Standardization: a strategic weapon !

Dozens of committees worldwide are working to standardize products. They are most often the emanation of industry groups trying to impose their technologies. Participating to these committees will give your company the opportunity to influence future specifications and better sell your products. Refraining to do so is risking marginalizing your products if they do not comply with future standards.


A job for specialists

Participation in meetings of working groups of standardization requires a significant human investment. At IEEE for example it is on average five to six weeks of travel per year that one should spend to one standard. Most of the time, the meetings are technical but could turn to be strategic during phases of negotiation. The question of the availability and skill of the people who will in charge of standards in your organization is essential.

Your representative in standardisation meetings !

Your Principal Engineer is not available to attend standardization meetings, or he is not fluent enough for negotiations in English? We propose to explore with you how to represent your company. We together sign an exclusive representation agreement, a budget, and a strategy of alliance with the forces in place is set up. Your company is then active in the standards and your Principal Engineer continues to work.



Technological intelligence

Participate in standards committees anticipates future products and earn years ahead of your absent competitors. It is also an opportunity to network with potential partners also in the process of technological innovation.

Good to know !

In some countries, it is possible to obtain assistance to participate in certain standardization committees. Feel free to contact us, we will study together the best opportunities.