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Our expertise – SmartFuture

Our expertise

Our areas of excellence

SmartFuture is specialized in supporting innovation in the areas of communication technology,  SmartGrid, and smart sensors. These techniques use large fields of technological building blocks mastered by SmartFuture such as signal processing, electronics, embedded computing  and key standards.


Should you make your products communicative ?

Never been so close of the next home automation “killer app” ? But you are not sure of the communication protocol to pick. Smartfuture has the expertise to help you make the right technology choices based on your product use cases.


Do you already have all the skills, in-house ?

Congratulations! But are you sure you should not update your engineering knowledge for example on the latest radio standards in use in Europe or on the robust modulation mode of the powerline technology they need to develop their next product ? These issues are our day-to-day business and we can help you start your project in the right direction.




SmartFuture can help you better predict your future needs in terms of technology training,  key people hiring, use of technologies still under development.

Seeking money ?

SmartFuture, by its fundraising experience can help you write your business plan but also draw your attention to the traps of certain terms or shareholder agreements too aggressive .