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Building innovation – SmartFuture

Building innovation

Innovation engineering

Once the decision to develop a new product is made, don’t wait, because the ideas are in the air and the competition will soon wake up. A roadmap should immediately be established specifying the sequence of tasks, milestones, testing and controls. Most often collaborations are required in technology and in sourcing. SmartFuture can help frame the necessary relationships with partners or university laboratories. SmartFuture can also mobilize National Clusters, key partners to finance your innovation.

International cooperations

Sometimes the key to innovation is abroad. This may take the form of a license agreement or commercial collaboration expending your export sales. Our networks in Europe and the United States can help. Not to mention the European research programs!

Need simulations or prototypes ?

Technological innovation is not a bed of roses. In most cases the search for an optimum requires iterations, failures, computer simulations, moke-ups and even full-scale tests. Using our network of patners selected by 25 years of experience you will certainly save time and money.


Mobilize expertise

Often multiple skills are needed to develop a new product. Whether in electronics, design or standardisation, we can help you set up the “dream team” of experts that will reduce your development time.

Intellectual property

The success of your project depends on the defense of your Industrial Property and only patents may ensure effective legal protection against competition. SmartFuture will direct you to the best experts in patents.