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2011 November | SmartFuture

Is your washing machine “soluble” in Smart Grid?

Posted by on Nov 19, 2011 in Blog

Do you have any idea of your washing machine energy cost? No? Don’t worry; you are not alone, because only a few people know it, really, today. But is this the right question? Many years ago, when the kWh cost was known and represented the biggest part of your electricity bill, the cost did not really matter, because we had to do laundry anyway. At most, an informed housewife started her machine after 10 pm to take advantage of off-peak hours. Those early days will soon be...

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The Home Energy Controller War will not take place.

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Blog

At least not right now… Increasingly, the Green ecosystem, announces that “Domotique” in France, the Home Energy Management HEM in the United States, will soon invade our homes to bring us the happiness of both modern comfort and energy frugality required to save our planet. Indeed, there is not a single day when we read that companies such as Silversprings Network, Trilliant, Digi …  for the United States, Ijenko, Vity, lifedomus, Actility or Schneider...

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